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Competence grids

Digital competence grids allow for a presentation of a processual development. This can be used in a generalizing way for organizations or individualized for learners.

publizierte Kompetenzraster


How digital is your organization? Assess your situation using the DigCompEdu competence grids with the comet-tool.

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weitere Infomationen zum Kompetenzraster:
Foundation 1.1 (1)
Foundation 1.2 (2)
Intermediate 2.1 (3)
Intermediate 2.2 (4)
Advanced 3.1 (5)
Advanced 3.2 (6)
Highly Specialised 4.1 (7)
Highly Specialised 4.2 (8)
1.1 Browsing, searching and filtering data, information and digital content
1.2 Evaluating data, information and digital content
1 Competence
1.3 Managing data, information and digital content
2 Competences

1-2-3 mode

1. Create digital competence grids
2. Confirm competences using apps: personalized for learners
3. Develop meaningful competence profiles

Everything in three steps

1. Competence fields and competences

How can an organizational competence based development be visualized? Which competences should be acquired by a learner? Individual educational classifications, difficulty levels, skills and indicators can be managed with our comet tool.

 documentation of COMET-tool

2. Personalization using apps

If competences are matched with personal data a competence development can be illustrated. This can be base for individualized learning scenarios.

Apps like eLOVE or DAKORA make this an easy endeavor.

3. Competence profile

Individual competence profiles can be considered as being starting point for a progress in a learning process.  They are based on different assessment possibilities - from the visualization using eportfolios to using online testing scenarios. Competence profiles are base for an extensive reporting and the definition of further development steps. Use our Open Source exabis series to develop your competence profiles.

Competency based learning

The exabis series was developed to manage learning processes and document the gain of competences of a learner: the modules exabis ePortfolio, exabis competencies and exabis student review allow the allocation of task to students or - in a more learner driven scenario - taking up tasks from a digital competence grid and turning in of the solutions for assessment purposes.

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eLOVE distributes materials and tasks within competence fields to learners. The solutions that are turned in via app can be assessed. This develops competence profiles and guides during learning processes. The app can be used in many different ways that relate to competence-based education (i.e. working in vocational training).


Planning individual learning processes

Using DAKORA materials and tasks can be assigned to learners individually or in learning groups. Students select materials needed from a pre-planning storage and put them on a weekly learning plan. 

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